Jacob Greene


Hey there, my name is Jake Greene. I was born in Green Bay, Wisconsin and lived in that general area while growing up. My first year after high school I attended a community college for a wild-land firefighting program. I loved the program, but it also helped me realize my interest in the field of natural resource conservation! I decided to transfer to a state school and eventually graduated with a major in environmental science and minor in hydrogeology.

I have always enjoyed spending my time outside. My parents have told me that before I even learned how to talk, I would stand next to the house windows and point outside while grunting because I wanted to go out there. Not much has changed since then, except now instead of playing in the sandbox for hours, I enjoy snowboarding, swimming, hiking, and camping, among many other activities. Although I’ll miss Wisconsin, I’m excited to work with this team in North Carolina and be a part of one of the many great programs offered by the SCA.