Isn’t it closer from Burlington?


We have a running joke with other Humbolt Redwoods State Park RTR folks. Most mornings we meet at the shop before gearing up for our 1 ½ mile hike to work. One of them will ask us, “isn’t it closer to hike in from Burlington?” and one of us will tell them that actually it’s a closer hike from the Garden Club of America Grove.


… Well, early this week we finished the first portion of reroute. On Wednesday we relocated all of our tools up the River Trail to a second reroute, over half a mile north. It was lots of heavy wheelbarrow pushing, and mostly an awfully difficult uphill battle. We brushed old trail and rolled out fallen logs in between the reroute sections, then started cutting our final stretch of trail.


… Well, Guess what? Now Burlington really is the trailhead nearest to our worksite. It’s another pretty hike through shady forest and we still have sweet blackberries at the ends of our days.


What other news to report about this week? We deep-fried dinner every evening. Ya know we’re always bulkin’.


-Monday dinner (a goodbye dinner with Yony): samosas and tiki masala with tofu and naan;
-Tuesday dinner: fried eggplant parmesan and pasta;
-Wednesday dinner: rice and beans and fried plantains, perfectly seasoned;
-Thursday dinner: really, really, really good poutine


Hail Joanna! It’s pretty fun to live on a 4,000-calory diet eating the quality food we eat. And now we have our own special bottle of recycled frying oil.

Work summary for the week:

Total length of first reroute section: 825 ft

Brushed trail: 3,333 ft (cool number, right?)

Trail cut for second reroute as of 7/24: 230 ft

Calories burned: 80,000