Introducing Chris Dawson, ASB Blogger, Big Cypress 2013


Hello! Greetings from Ohio!

As I prepare all my gear for each trip that I head out on I find myself reflecting specifically on those that I have had before. I find myself wondering, what is in store for me in southern Florida on this alternative spring break with the SCA? I am excited to meet a large group of my peers from all different walks of life.

I will admit I have been to Florida for spring break once before. About this time last year three of my close friends and I were finalizing logistics on our driving trip down to Florida’s panhandle to pack around the Apalachicola National Forest for a few days and then finish our week off at St. George Island packing to a campsite about 2.5 miles from our parking spot. We had gone down there to explore and be in a coastal environment during the dry season, which was a first for us. Our experiences ranged from learning how to set up a suspension tent on sandy soil to understanding the importance of controlled burns (a lot of them were happening during our stay in Apalachicola). Overall it was a great experience that has helped me grow both academically, and personally.

Finding myself in a similar position for the final spring break of my undergrad career, I am eager to begin this adventure with SCA.