Interpreters Host Field Trips at Bear Brook!



Field Report by Steve Gang, Discover the Power of Parks Interpreter…Over the past three weeks the eight interpreters have been busy showing 12 different schools, 948 kids around Bear Brook State Park. These are the schools that the corps taught in from February to April. A typical field trip day begins at 10:00 with the school divided into four groups each with two interpreters. Once in the field the bug spray and sunscreen comes out and temporarily clears the area of bugs.




Once the kids and adults have their protective shields on two groups head down to spruce pond while the other two begin a nature hike. Down by the pond one group heads to the vernal pool while the other goes to the beach. The group then learns what a macroinvertebrate is and how to catch it. While these groups are exploring the other two are going on short hikes around Bear Brook where they do activities and learn about the natural area as well as the human history with the CCC. After an hour all groups head back to the main lodge for lunch. During lunch the interpreter that taught at the school explains the process of recycling and composting what they don’t eat.




After lunch the hiking and ponding groups switch places and have the chance to do the other activity. Around 1:00 the groups all rendezvous at the busses and circle up with their group to debrief the days activities. The kids then board the bus and wave to the interpreters as they drive away down the 3-mile driveway back to school.