Internships are good way to become park ranger


SCA in the Carlsbad Current Argus

CARLSBAD >> Ever wonder how to pursue a career as a park ranger?

Although park rangers come from many different educational backgrounds, the journey to earn the coveted brown hat and shiny badge is arduous. Many jobs within the National Park Service are seasonal and it takes a lot of grit and dedication to continue the journey toward full-time employment.

The obstacles have not scared away one young man, who after traveling the world, has found that Southeastern New Mexico may just be the perfect place to chase a dream. Mike Gallant, an avid outdoorsman, applied for the Student Conservation Association (SCA) summer internship program with the National Park Service last year after spending nine months as a volunteer high school teacher in the South Pacific and has been working at Carlsbad Caverns ever since.

Gallant works in the education department at the Carlsbad Caverns and has helped out with many of the summer programs the national park hosts. The 23-year-old said the program so far has provided him with invaluable experience. Read more

Internships are good way to become park ranger

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