An Instagram Shout Out from @usinterior


Celebrating SCA Members’ Work on Public Lands

The United States Department of the Interior (DOI) has over 360,000 followers on Instagram, and all this week that gargantuan community of public lands enthusiasts will be seeing (and “liking”) photos taken by SCA members!

DOI (@usinterior) has made it a priority to connect young Americans of all backgrounds to the great outdoors, and partnering with SCA (@the_sca) is one big way they’re making that happen. Our members serve on DOI-managed lands all over the country, gaining firsthand conservation career experience as they immerse themselves in the natural world and work to preserve its wonders for generations to come. 

This week’s Instagram feature is like a big ol’ shout out from DOI to American’s young people: We see you out there in the wilderness, doing amazing conservation work! Keep it up! You’re not just a major part of conservation’s future, you ARE conservation’s future. Spread the word amongst your peers: nature needs your help, and it’s got a whole lot to offer in return.

​So if an SCA member pops up in your Instagram​ feed in the next few days, please, send them your encouragement in the comments. Saving the planet’s a big job, and they’re just getting started!

Photos: Aerial shot of Gates of the Arctic National Park by SCA member Devdharm Khalsa, Glacial Erratic (i.e. Giant Boulder) shot by SCA member Kaitlin Thoresen, Bighorn Sheep Lamb at Yellowstone National Park by SCA member Adriana Puchany