INFOGRAPHIC: SCA’s Conservation Impact in 2016


Our 9,638 Volunteers Made A Huge Difference for Conservation & the Environment

Now more than ever, America needs young leaders who have felt the transformative power of sacrifice and service, who understand that the right road is often the hard road, and who possess an inclusive vision for a diverse and sustainable future. The conservation service programs that SCA has been conducting for nearly 60 years have been shown by research to instill and strengthen such qualities in their participants.

Having led 9,638 volunteers in over 1.3 million hours of service in 2016 alone, our reach is broad enough that we are truly empowering a new generation of responsible leaders, and not only for conservation, but for forward-looking movements, organizations, and communities of all kinds.

Our 2016 Outcomes Infographic illustrates the profound impact that broad reach and proven programming have allowed us to achieve over the last 12 months. Have a look and consider donating now to help us keep conservation—and America—moving in the right direction. 

SCA's 2016 Outcomes Infographic shows how your support helped us transform lives and conserve lands all over the country this year.

Graphic by Julia Bacon, SCA Sr. Graphic Designer

Student Conservation Association