Imran Khan


Earthsaver of the Month

Originally from Bangladesh, Imran Khan started school at Brooklyn College with the plan to major in computer science. But now, after attending SCA service events, he’s decided to switch to biology. “I realized   I preferred to work outdoors rather than being stuck inside every day.       I want to devote my career to something I really love doing.”

Why do you serve the planet?

Earth is a delicate sphere that holds all life including us, and it’s our job to keep that intact. We have been damaging the lush lands that plants and animals need to survive, and we need to stop this disease from becoming a pandemic. I want to make others aware of programs like SCA so they realize that they can be part of this process too. With many hands joined together I’m sure we can make Earth a better place.

What’s your favorite green space?

My favorite outdoor space is the Caño Cristales River. Found in Colombia, it is called “The River of Five Colors” because of a certain plant, Macarenia clavigera, which grows on the bottom and turns the water red, yellow, green, blue, and black. I love art as well as science, and the Caño Cristales River is an example of nature’s artistry at work.

What’s your favorite piece of earthsaving gear?

My favorite piece of earthsaving gear would be my own two hands. Whatever fancy gear I might have, my hands are the only tool I need to conserve parks around my city and around the world.

What’s your next earthsaving goal?

I want to help others understand the importance of conserving our environment. In order to make this generation take an environmental path, we have to show it to them. If I can help to make my peers aware of these issues and encourage them to get involved with organizations such as SCA, I can expand our generation’s impact far into the future.