I am Mike


Growing up in the Green Mountain State, my early years were spent enjoying the fresh air and soft rolling hills of Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom countryside. From an early age, being outside in the neighboring woodland was one of my favorite things to do. The rural countryside offered small, trickling creeks, beautiful mountains views, and a wide variety of wildlife. This was where my love for science took root. I spent many summers camping, hiking and fishing with friends. While in junior high and high school I volunteered at the Green Mountain Conservation Camp, where I helped 12-16 year old kids develop an appreciation for the outdoors through camping, canoeing, hiking, hunter firearm safety and various other outdoor activities. This was my favorite place to spend a few weeks of my summer vacation. Throughout high school I worked at a local nursery and began to learn about plants and to appreciate have to offer. My continued interest in the biological sciences remained strong as I entered college. I pursued a degree in biology at the University of New Hampshire for a few years, concentrating in marine biology. I finished my Bachelor of Science in Integrated Biological Sciences at the University of Vermont, concentrating in ecology, wildlife biology and Spanish. I continued working at a nursery where my interest in plants developed further. It was at UVM that I discovered the career path I wanted to take. I am now working toward building my career as a wildlife biologist/ecologist. My first SCA experience I was in June of 2012. I was offered a position as a team member of the US Fish and Wildlife Service’s Trails Inventory Program. This position was the most enjoyable job I’ve had to date. Taking inventory of trail features on hiking trails at National Wildlife Refuges all over the country was the best way I could have possibly explored this country. I traveled through states as far east as Tennessee and Alabama, all the way to the final frontier of Alaska. During this time I had so many experiences with great people in places I will remember forever. Because of this experience I decided to continue working with the SCA, this time to develop my leadership skills while working with the Army Corps of Engineers in Nashville, Tennessee for the 2013 season.