Hurricane Sandy: A Message to SCA Members in the Field


As you likely know, Hurricane Sandy – a large and potentially destructive storm – is impacting the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast part of the eastern seaboard. Widespread rain, flooding, and power outages are anticipated. Thousands of flights are cancelled and many offices (including DC government offices) are closed. 

Please monitor this situation over the next several days and follow your site’s and/or agency partner’s safety directions including possible relocation or evacuation orders. We advise you to contact your family and gather provisions in advance of the hurricane as you may be isolated without resources (i.e.: food, water, electricity, etc.) or communications (telephones, cell service, internet) for a period of time. Click on this link for more tips for preparing for a hurricane.

As always, the SCA Incident Response Line is available to you 24/7 in the case of an emergency. Call 1.800.YO.SOGGY (1.800.967.6449) to speak with an SCA Duty Officer.