We’ve completed 10 weeks here in Nashville and things are going great! Erica and Alison have really done a great job with our team and everything is finally going smoothly.


On July 10th we had a project day set up at the Poole Knobs Campground in La Vergne, TN with US ACE Park Ranger Amy. While there we aided her in removing mobile lantern poles and installing new permanent non-mobile lantern poles. Placed into an automotive tire, the old lantern poles were being rolled into the lake and causing havoc for boaters because they would hit them with their boats. This is a problem no more thanks to the Nashville team. We dug holes for the new poles and secured them with concrete to ensure that no future campers will be moving them. It was hot, infested with mosquitos, and hard work, but we got it done!


Last week, was what I can safely say, what we were all waiting for, a full week off of surveying.  Each of us made plans in the weeks leading up on how we would spend this precious time off. Bianca, Darrel, Erica and Mike all went to meet up with the other survey teams in Arkansas to camp in Hot Springs National Park, kayak the waters, and bring out their inner Bear Grylls. No word yet if any special powers were gained from the bug bites they incurred. Alison went to go visit her folks in Virginia and I went to visit mine in Missouri. All in all, everyone had an enjoyable few days off.


Now with only 6 weeks left in this summer survey season we’re in the home stretch of the season. In the coming weeks we all have exciting plans for conservation projects as well as things to do in Nashville. We’ll be sure to let you all know all about it in our regular updates.


Till next time,


Roy Cazares