How to Create a Bird Sanctuary


Tips for creating a bird-friendly backyard

by SCA Educator and Naturalist Intern Jessica Andreone

Through my newfound love of birds, I have also found an appreciation for the many habitat projects that Audubon New York conducts in the Hudson Valley. I’ve realized that building a safe space for birds is not something that can be checked off on a to-do list. It requires continuous labor. But any effort to advance bird conservation — including that by the individual at home — is critical today as many species are declining.

The first major stewardship project I participated in was installing a deer fence at Rheinstrom Hill Audubon Center and Sanctuary. White-tailed deer are overpopulated in the New York State, which results in over-browsing in forests. During a recent bird survey, I did notice Chestnut-sided Warblers, Wood Thrush, and Veeries swarmed the bounded space more so than the surrounding wooded area. It filled me with a sense of hope.

Invasive species control and growing native plants are also paramount in creating a safe haven for birds.

One of the most important parts of my role as a naturalist intern at Constitution Marsh Audubon Center and Sanctuary is to educate others on the need to protect birds. Through school group visits, public programming, and pop-up activities, I have gained the voice of an environmentalist and spread the word on how to create bird-friendly communities.

Here are some steps YOU can take to help birds:

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