Hope Takes Wing for Endangered Bird


by Lindsey DeLuna, OPRHP Environmental Steward and SCA Intern

Here in New York, we have residents nicknamed ‘snow birds’: People who enjoy summers on New York’s beaches, but escape our harsh winters by traveling south to Florida. Making that journey right along with them is another species of beach bum — the small, endangered shorebird called the Piping Plover.

Usually weighing about two ounces or less, the Piping Plover is a tiny bird that is undeniably and objectively cute; just ask anyone that is working to restore the population. It’s a bird that’s easy to fall in love with but that requires hard work to recover.

There are three distinct populations of Piping Plover: the Atlantic Coast and the Great Lakes, which both breed in New York State, and the Great Plains. Due to shoreline habitat loss and disturbance, all three populations significantly declined in the mid-twentieth century, leading to their listing under the Endangered Species.

The recovery of the Piping Plover has been a slow and intensive process. For 29 years, no plover nests had been seen on New York’s lake shores. Finally, in 2015 a pair of Piping Plovers showed up…

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