Hitting the Trail at Grand Canyon


I arrived at Grand Canyon a day ahead of the ASB crew (on my own dime, auditors!). The morning was brutal — cold, windy, and stinging snow — but the afternoon mellowed a bit and I decided to take on the bobsled course that is South Kaibab Trail.  Winter has been relentless here and the first several hundred feel of elevation remain covered in ice and snow.

No gold medal for me -- just two round insignias on the seat of my pants

I soon wished I had brought crampons.

I didn’t.

I also wished I had packed my trekking poles.

I didn’t.

Finally, I fervently hoped I would avoid a butt plant.

I didn’t.

But — ahh, however — after a while mud replaced ice, the temps climbed above 50 and, on the whole, I’d say it was all worth it.

grand view of grand canyon

I hilked a considerable distance past Skeleton and seemingly had the Canyon all to myself.  Renewed snowfall eventually prompted a 180,but, all the same, I killed a sensational afternoon and personally avoided the same fate.  In my book, a very good day.