The Hitch of the Torn Clothes


This hitch we all learned the hard way that barbwire is very unforgiving, whether you are crossing over it or just walking near it. It did not matter whether we were sawing or fencing, no one was safe from the barbs. Every day we seemed to find a new rip or a tear growing larger and larger. By the end of our 9 day haul we had given up on trying to gently untangle our clothes, and just began to pull away with gusto. Each new rip was a badge of honor.

On our final day we were beyond excited to don our other (non-barbwire exposed) work clothes to frolic around meadows with our Forest Service contacts Dawn and Chad. We spent a wonderful day in alpine meadows measuring grasses, and playing atop a fen (google this!). This day was easily the highlight of everyone’s hitch.