Hitch Report 2


The first month came and went for the crew here in Kansas! Our groups have been doing a great job with the surveys, and we enjoy getting to know the regulars at our lakes. Our team change-ups went very smoothly, and we’re enjoying the change of scenery and working with our new partners.

The conservation projects have been just as successful as the surveys. We continued our work at Clinton Lake with Ranger Dave Rhodes, and installed water bars into the trail that we had previously maintained. This was the first time a few of us got to use certain tools, so it was pretty exciting to learn a new skill.

Our team enjoys spending as much time together as possible, and took advantage of having the 4th of July off. We went on a two day camping trip to Perry Lake and Clinton Lake, and enjoyed the fireworks that the City of Lawrence displayed on the holiday. We enjoy regularly cooking on the grill and visiting the many museums that Lawrence and KU have to offer.