Hitch II Part I


 We have arrived! By reaching Rattlesnake Ridge we have braved vagabond squirrels, twitchy deer, apathetic rattlesnakes (oftentimes suffering from a malaise too deep even to rattle). Covering roughly four miles from Kangaroo Springs and back on a daily basis we are setting ourselves up for an 80+ mile hitch.

            Outside of work we have commenced the group Autobiographies -in order to ascertain just who it is we have been working with this past month- beginning with Chris, followed by Erin, and lastly Charles; aka Mama Duck, Skippy, and the Chaz.

            Of utmost importance however, of greater magnitude than work efficiency, greater significance than just who it is sleeping in your tent with you, rumors of a lake abound. Hints dropped by the man, the myth the, the legendary Bill Roberts and P.C.T. through-hikers that zigged when they ought to have zagged (left instead of right). A lake more substantial and if possible more scenic than Lilypad, one that may even allow us to circumvent our “shower when you’re dead” credo…



Conrad out, too be continued by the one and only Stanky.