Hitch 9: U-Routes


Hitch Lead: Shannon Montano Members: Adam, John, Kenny, Bri It was another lovely walk in the woods for U-Routes. The weather was wonderful aside from our final night where it got down to freezing! The boys kept warm by attempting to connect their tents into “Habi-Tent for Bro-manity!” Most U-Routes encountered seemed to have heavy use which is most likely due to ranchers moving cattle to a new grazing area or filling/repairing water troughs which are stationed at many places in the open space areas. None the less it made for interesting walks and plenty of data gathering. Along our U-Routes we saw some wonderful wildlife. Kenny and Adam stalked a herd of elk where he came face to face with an 8 point buck! We also drove along forest roads where a Golden Eagle soared near us. At night while John got a fire going to keep us warm, Bri serenaded us with her special acoustic melodies.