Hitch 9: Trails


Hitch lead: Stephanie Hanshaw Members: Ben, Joe, Lisa, Maggie, Erica, Nick As our final hitch for the 2012 season, the trails crew was once again housed at Wildhorse guard station and spent time working on both the Mt. Borah and Burnt Aspen trails. The days were spent installing water bars and check steps, the evenings passed by all too quickly watching movies, reminiscing about the season, and laughing. So much laughing. On the trail, Erica and Maggie were skilled rock analysts, and gave me tips such as “that rock will smash better if you turn it this way” and “flat rocks are easier than round rocks”. Ben and Steph H. were able to work with Phil for a day and demolished a foot bridge with their BARE HANDS (plus a chainsaw). I found the perfect borrow pit and dubbed it “Lisa’s mini-mine”. Nick and Joe were water bar animals, and the whole crew stayed motivated for work despite the sub-freezing temperatures. I cannot imagine a better last hitch for 2012. As Nat once told me, you choose your location in life for the people, the place, or the job. Rarely do all three come together, but I can honestly say that this season has provided incredible people, a breathtaking place, and a great job. Thanks to everyone who made SCA Idaho AmeriCorps 2012 a truly once-in-a-lifetime experience. Work totals: Waterbars: 8 Checks: 16