Hitch 9: The Story of the Puppy Who Lost His Way and Found the Rand’s Crew


Main Characters: Puptent the dog, Rands Crew (Kyle, Rachel, Riley, Natalie and Tyler)

Setting: Rands Mountain Area; RM51-R44

Dates: 3/7-3/16

So, before we jump into this instant classic story full of bravery, hope, tears, and a few laughs, let’s give a little bit of background on who the real Puptent is. Puptent came from a small, middle class family from Ohio. As he was growing up, he was always the cool, tough neighborhood dog that all of the other dogs look up to for guidance and advice. Needless to say, Puptent was special. He was destined for bigger and better things. So when he was old enough and had saved enough bones, he hopped his fence and headed for the golden coasts of California. His journey led him across the mighty Mississippi, over the plains of Kansas, through the deserts of Utah and over the mountains of Colorado. He befriended animals such as bears, mountain lions, rattlesnakes, and also led a gang of bandito raccoons. Well, after a year or two of traveling, Puptent finally made it to California. But, it wasn’t what he expected. It was more desert! He was in trouble, mostly out of bones and no water to be seen anywhere. What was he going to do?

Flash forward to day 4 of hitch, 3/10. Rands crew is coming home after a long day of restoring incursions and who do they see? Well, it’s no one other than Puptent himself. The Rand’s crew tried to console ole Puptent by bribing him with food but Puptent was a little delirious. He hadn’t had water for three days. He thought the Randers were a group of dirty, desert monsters who were trying to take him back to Ohio, and he wanted no part of that. Well, the Randers left some water out that night, and Mr. Puptent found this to be mighty nice of them but still didn’t fully trust them, yet.

A couple days went by, and the Randers kept plugging away at incursions. By day, the Rands were restoring machines, restoring over 1200 m² by day 7. And, by night, were dog whisperers, befriending Puptent and building trust. Once Puptent became more coherent and less delirious, he started to realize that, “Hey, these desert folk ain’t half bad,” By day 9, everything came to fruition. Puptent was part of the group, the Rand’s dog, and the crew had restored a total of 1469.8 m². Not too shabby for only one hitch.

 Well that’s mostly the whole story of how Puptent became the Rand’s dog. Hope you enjoyed it.

Hitch Totals:

            Meters restored: 14679.8 m²

            Dog lives saved: 1

            Memories: Endless