Hitch 8 – The Zen of Rock Work


This week we journeyed to Granite Mountain in the Prescott National Forest where we had the luxury of having our gear packed in on horses and mules! We had a two mile hike in from the trail head to our camp site. On our first day we surveyed the area that we would be working in, and hiked almost to the very top of Granite Mountain where we were greeted with an amazing view of the forest. For the next two days we spent our time working on individual and group projects such as making steps,drains, all of which entailed moving gigantic rocks! We were instructed by the legendary Sam Commarto. We had accomplished much in the short amount of time that we had been there, but sadly our time was cut short due to inclement weather conditions. So Thursday night we were packed out and made our way back home to Phoenix. We ended the week doing some spring cleaning and gearing up for out halfway point- spring break! Stay tuned for wild land firefighting escapades in the coming weeks!