Hitch 8 Wildlife, Hitch Lead: Jenna and Jason Member: Jess


Hitch 8 Wildlife Hitch 8 consisted of a crew of three headed down to Leadore. We hiked many miles up and down the mountain sides. The first week we really enjoyed eating wild strawberries and raspberries. We got to basically play leapfrog across streams to complete our inventory work on Aspen. The second week our crew was back to two people and the same area. We got to hike to a mountain lake called Everson. It was stunning. In the evenings we came back to camp to have a nice fire and as one of my team mates called them African spotted marshmallows. He decided this because I got the idea to roast a mellow on a spoon with holes in it so we ended up with spotted marshmallows. During the two week we had all kinds of weather even a little slush. As for wildlife we saw deer and pronghorn antelope. Along the journey we also got to meet many people and explore some old cabins. All in the entire hitch went really well and many new memories made while being stylish in hunters orange.