Hitch 8: Wilderness Trails


Hitch lead: Lisa
Member: Owen

Hitch 8 had Lisa, Owen, and Alex out on Little Pistol Creek trail in the Frank Church – River of No Return wilderness. The goal was to log out down trees on the trail, which runs 15 miles from the trailhead at Pistol Lake until it reaches the Middle Fork of the Salmon river. After making quick progress the first two days of work we were confident in our ability to saw everything clear down to the Middle Fork by the week’s end… then we reached the burn area. Over five days we cross-cut and chopped out 411 trees over five miles of trail.

It seems that very few humans have traveled the Little Pistol Creek trail in over a year, but we saw plenty of evidence of wolves, bears, elk, and deer. The remoteness of the trail made the experience really unique; we felt like the only ones in the entire valley, and the only human sounds were our voices and the saw at work. A beautiful place and great company made it a wonderful hitch.

Work totals:

Trees cleared: 411