Hitch 8: U-Routes


Hitch lead: Kenny
Member: Nick

Our hitch went very well while doing Timber with Mike Fisher who came out and worked with us on some of the days we were out in the field. They did run out of work for us to do while on timber so we got moved to U-Routes the following Tuesday. The first day on that we had a bad day because we had an incident with the vehicle followed by our Trimble refusing to work and us having to have to go back to Moyer to get a new one then turn around and go back out to the field after a whole wasted day. We did have our day brightened back up that evening when a drunk guy came into the campsite to use the restroom and he screamed because he dropped his beer in the toilet and it was still unopened. So never a dull moment in Idaho! The rest of the week went very well and we were able to accomplish 11.2 miles of U-Routes walked. We also saw a herd of Bighorn Rams on our way to the U-Routes which we got pictures and a video which was really neat.

Work totals:
Uroutes inventoried: 41