Hitch 8- MidWest and MidAtlantic


The Hitch 8 Delta Team consisted of Dave Delcourt and Michael Molloy. They covered a lot of ground; flying into Missouri, heading up to Illinois, and moving East to Virginia before flying out of Washington D.C. back to Boise, ID. The trip went well with very few problems, one being that the trails in the Ohio River Islands NWR and Canaan Valley NWR were located in areas where hunting season was just starting and the weather turned to fog and rain. They did their job in these areas but made sure to wear the brightest clothing they had and made as much noise as possibly, probably to the dismay of any hunters in the area. At the Canaan Valley NWR they were visited on site by the Project Manager, Tyler Lobdell, and had the opportunity to use mountain bikes to access some of the trails instead of driving. During off time, the two were able to visit family in Illinois, spend a day in Chicago, go to the Smithsonian Museums in Washington D.C. and go to a Washington Capitals game, and enjoy many regional foods. Some examples would be deep dish pizza and Chicago dogs in Chicago, bbq in Kansas City, pepperoni rolls in West Virginia, and clams that they caught themselves at the Chincoteague NWR in Virginia. Overall it was an amazing trip. Michael and Dave were able to get the work done, see family, and enjoy the regions they were in. What more can you ask for?