Hitch 8: Master Mattress Pavi-Pav’s Party-Palooza Hitch


A Blog, written by Hailee (aka Master Mattress Pavi-Pav), that is loosely based off of Bob Dylan’s lovely song “A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall,” in lieu of the wondrous rain Jawbone has finally received! 

Oh, where have you been, my DRC crew?

And where have you been, my lil’ dusty ones?

I’ve sat in the wet soil of a Cottonwood oasis,

Surrounded by the thirst of desert deprived.

I’ve found the glistening canines of a jawbone rediscovered.

I’ve walked down a trail soon to be revived.

I’ve driven on a dust path with no end in sight.

I’ve slept on the soft cheek of a Jawbone valley.              


And it’s a far, it’s a far, it’s a far, and it’s a far

It’s a-far ways we’re gonna climb in Jawbone.


Oh, what did you see, my DRC crew?

And what did you see, my lil’ dusty ones?

I saw Joshua trees with souls that were dancing.

I saw birds and rabbits and lizards abounding.

I saw the hood of a truck before me,

I saw no road beneath me.

I saw sunlight trickle through soft cottonwood branches,

I saw complete contentment in the eyes of a young lady.

I saw a quarter mile of damaged hillside disappear beneath sympathetic sagebushes.

I saw mountains disappear, I saw clouds rolling in.

I saw my rain soaked crew, but felt only their exhilaration.


And it’s a hard, it’s a hard, it’s a hard, it’s a hard, and it’s a hard

It’s a hard rain’s a-gonna fall in Jawbone.


Oh, what did you hear, my DRC crew?

 And what did you hear, my lil’ dusty ones?

I heard the rumble of the diesel reverberate through undiscovered jaws.

I heard the most boisterous laughter day after day.

I heard the grumbling of stomachs too tired to answer;

I heard the afternoon plans mumbled through mouthfuls of bread.

I heard the howl of a coyote as he summoned the day.

I heard not a single sound, but the sound of you smiling.

I heard the crunch of sand, I felt my tooth enamel wearing away.


 And it’s a hot, it’s a hot, it’s a hot, and it’s a hot

It’s a hot sun’s a-gonna shine in Jawbone.


Oh, what did you feel, my DRC crew?

 And what did you feel, my lil’ dusty ones?

I felt hot burning sun, I saw sanity quickly evaporating.

I felt the rain falling, I heard the desert singing.

I felt the love of a place as it welcomed me inside,

Away from the dust and the sand left behind.

I felt the warmth of the Kiavah crew as we surprised them with our fireside company.

I felt the sun rising, I heard the loggerhead shrikes singing.

I felt puddles in my boots, I saw the splashes of comrades dancing.

And it’s a love, it’s a love, it’s a love, and it’s a love

It’s a lot of love we’re a-feeling for Jawbone.


Oh, what’ll we do now, my DRC crew?

And what’ll we do now, my lil’ dusty ones?

We’ll dream of those cool cottonwoods when the water bottles are boiling.

We’ll keep on eating condiment sandwiches for lunch.

We’ll never stop listening for those loggerhead shrike.

We’ll wander around the range and feel the desert’s reverie.

We’ll continue to lace sweet-smelling rabbitbrush in our hair.

We’ll keep on singing “1-2-pick up sticks, 3-4-pick up sticks, 5-6-pick up sticks, etc…”

We’ll forever wait for the Joshua tree flowers to bloom in the moonlight.

We’ll burp unceremoniously and laugh unabashedly,

Because we’re here in Jawbone together for a while,

And we’ll help this here land so long as we can survive this wild lifestyle.