Hitch 8- California and Hawaii


Hitch 8 started with a weeklong stop in central California to inventory four refuges in the central valley. We had beautiful sunny days to cover several trails, most of them in the grassy flatlands of the region. We were fortunate to finish up work early enough to justify making a trip to Yosemite National Park. We had one day to take a long hike and soak up the iconic valley. After California we got to the real meat of the hitch: Hawaii. We visited the islands of Oahu and Maui to inventory two refuges. Oahu Forest NWR had a six mile trail in central Oahu that gave us grand view of the deep valleys with steep walls covered with thick green foliage. Kaelia Pond NWR on Maui had a pretty coastal boardwalk and an interesting dike trail around a wetland restoration area. We fueled our travels with plenty of sushi, mango, and fish tacos and quenched our thirst with coconut water straight from the fruit. Beaches were all around and the roads outrageously scenic.