Hitch 7: Wilderness Trails


Hitch lead: Lisa
Member: Ben

Ben and I had a blast in the wilderness. We drove to Stanley at the start of hitch and flew in a 206 bush plane to Indian Creek Guard Station. Ben and I both had an adrenaline-filled moment when the plan dropped and our arms floated up involuntarily. The pilot just turned back and gave us a huge grin. It was awesome. We spent our week working with the Selway-Bitterroot Foundation to disassemble and reconstruct a boat ramp on the Middle Fork of the Salmon. Deconstruction was fairly simple: smash and haul. The Reconstruction was a bit more technical, with a 12 step process for installing steps (square step in a round hole) and an equally lengthy list for preparing the rails. By the end of hitch, we were able to complete the new boat ramp with level, equally spaced steps and well-fitted rails. Ben and I hand-augured 104 rebar holes, placed 52 steps, 9 rails, widened one trail, and repaired one septic system. All told, the hitch was a success.