Hitch 7: U-Routes


U-Routes began on Wednesday with Magdaline, (hitch leader) Stephani, Shannon M., Owen, Kenny, and Shannon completing routes near Moyer and spending Wednesday night at Moyer. We headed out Thursday to Iron Lake, not far from Moyer, to finish the routes in the area. Iron Lake was beautiful but very cold and the routes were a two-hour drive away. Alex joined us freezing Friday morning and with three cars and three Trimbles, we split into three groups. We finished the remaining U-Routes in the area and headed back to Moyer.
We took Saturday off and on Sunday morning we headed to Leadore. We split into three groups, each with their own car, Trimble, and area to complete. Leadore was cold in the morning but fortunately not too hot during the day. Kenny’s favorite part was defiantly the 4-wheel driving; we all thought he might have enjoyed it a little too much.
One U-Route led straight up a 300-foot hill to a very windy hilltop. Once up there Steph and Shannon found a cairn with a film container in it. In the container was a note that said, “ARESINIC Poison Creek” and had a name with date from last year. Not knowing what that was about, they added SCA U-Routes, their names, and the date. Shannon is currently trying to find a Poison Creek in the area.

Work totals:

Uroutes assessed: 332 (137 miles)