Hitch 7: Golden Valley vs. 25lb bag of Carrots


Hitch seven brought the Golden Valley gang a plethora of spills, thrills, hills and carrots. We spent the first half of hitch at All Corps 2012 down in Blythe, Ca hosted by Wild Corps and we got to spend time with all the wonderful Desert Restoration Corps crews and trade tips. Meals were one of the many highlights from All Corps 2012, dinner themes of:

Things you can eat with your hands between bread
Seitan worship
Breakfast for dinner
Crew favorites

We enjoyed the carnival feel of sharing food among crews. The large quantities of seitan, however, left the green monster pretty fuggy and the rocket boxes dangerously full.

We got our first taste of real desert sand driving and while, unfortunately, we lost a tire that first day, (see picture below) we also had a lot of fun driving up the dunes. The weather was beautiful and warm and the sunrises were perfectly timed with our breakfasts. We all had a mega blast hanging out with the whole gang and we even got to take an educational excursion to the Colorado River to swim with shoes on.

With all of our powers combined we were able to help Wild Corps out with a variety of projects up the steep hills and dunes and as a giant team we completed a huge hill climb fire lining chiliads of rocks to fill in the incursion. All Corps seemed to go by very quickly, and we’re all looking forward to the next one.

Day 7 was a drizzly, algid and cloudy day but we excitedly headed out to Grass Valley and took down a bunch of barbed wire. While we were working, we heard a mega loud bomb go off near by behind the clouds—pretty thrilling.

The next two days we teamed with Owens Peak to help us transport about 100 bails of hay to Grass Valley for future projects, as well as help Owens move fencing supplies. Between the 4 trucks and trailers we were able to transport over 16,000 pounds of wire and t-posts and we’re all pretty buff.

We ate a lot of awesome foods this hitch and the special ingredient was crickets. We discussed entomophagy to great lengths and ate crickets for dinner one night in a stir-fry. Our carrot challenge didn’t even end up challenging us as we finished days ahead of time, and nobody even turned a little orange.

Enjoy the glamour shots we’ve included below.

There are bugs in your food,
xoXo Golden Valley