Hitch 7: Engineering, AKA The Hitch of Darkness


Hitch leader: Baba
Member: Joe

Hello again, well as the title may suggest we didn’t really get to spend too much time in the daylight in the beginning of our hitch. In fact we spent several days getting up at a time I like to refer to as “Oh heck no O’clock”. Other than that the hitch was agreeable enough, with the exception that for the first week we didn’t really know what we were doing. Indeed Joe and I spent a lot of time second guessing our selves as to how much of the road we were clearing and whether or not we were doing a good job. In the end we decided that we did as well as we could and called it good (ha that rhymed). All in all it was a lot of fun we got to spend sometime doing things that I hadn’t done before, (like use a Blowtorch) and got to repair some cattle guards (while using a blowtorch). If you couldn’t tell I really liked using a blowtorch. We also got to spend some time the second week with other SCA members Bri and Steph H, and due to some experimental fun in the kitchen we got to eat some things that I’m sure not many people have eaten before. Like I said pretty fun but also pretty quiet hitch Gary, Pete, and Jim are really interesting guys and super funny I hope we see them again.

Written by Baba