Hitch 6: U-Routes


Hitch lead: Nick Larson
Members: Magdaline Salinas, Matt Baba

This was my first time to be on a U-Routes hitch, and I must say, I
don’t know that anything could have prepared me for it. The hiking was hard and sleep proved to be difficult at our windy campsite. Despite that, the hitch was very enjoyable. Getting to work with Nick and Baba all week was really fun and really motivated me to work hard. The boys often tried to make the hikes easier by reminding me that we could easily take down Mt. Borah after this.

We got to see what I consider one of the more beautiful areas of the
forest (near Mackay.) Between the canyons, the old mines, and the
puppy we found on the side of the road (but did not keep) I was really happy to be hiking for my job. Bri and Adam joined us for out last 2 days of work, which was really amazing and allowed us to get even more done. Jackie also paid us a nice visit bringing along her love in Reese’s peanut butter cup form. I feel really proud of everyone on this hitch for working so hard, and was glad to be a part of this multi-year project.