Hitch 6: Trails


Hitch lead: Kenny Grilliot
Members: Hanshaw, Joe, John, Chris, Aaron

Everyday of trails we had to hike uphill to our worksite which posed a challenge due to the steep incline and long hike every morning. Most found that hiking a slow pace and drinking plenty of either coffee or Whey Protein every morning was a good way to get us up the hill. Once we were up the hill to our worksite the day would go by much smoother with all of us working really hard and having fun with it. Jokes were told and funny stories. Me and Aaron for example were working together and we would motivate each other by making weird sounds or speaking weird to get the other laughing. We stayed in a trailer at the guard station at Wildhorse which made everything so much better after a long days work. We would cook a nice meal and talk and play games before going to bed and the beds were much better than sleeping on the ground. It helped with soreness in the mornings and helped keep moral up.