Hitch 6 – Meeting Some Welcome (and Unwelcome Invasive Species) Visitors!


Hitch 6 started with us working alongside Danna, a trustworthy and battle proven Forest Service employee. Together we traveled south to perform a Trail Assessment and Condition Survey on the Stamford Pond Trail. This snowmobile trail offered little challenge to the all-star crew. In fact, it had no features, not even a sign.

That night the brave, heroic, all-knowing, loyal, SCA employee, Trevor, appeared to us in the Mount Tabor Work Center Parking lot out of a tiny, white, rental car. He was to join us for the next couple days. Little did he know what was going to happen next.

The next day was Tuesday, the best day for TrACS. So we dove head first into a section of the Catamount Cross-Country Ski Trail. It captured and pulled us into the woods while Dan drove the truck ahead to the day’s stopping point. During the day Trevor asked us many questions about TrACS. Obviously our abundance of knowledge stunned him. This trail also lacked features, except for bridges.

After camping at Hapgood Pond, the third day started with a safety meeting headed by Ranger Bill. The personal stories made the meeting interesting. After the meeting was when Trevor was to depart from us. In his time with us, he shared his past experiences with us, which was appreciated. Meeting another SCA employee is always a good experience, and he even shared his knowledge of future opportunities with us.

That afternoon we met up with Mel, who was a seasonal Botanist for the Forest Service. Mel changed the game from TrACS to invasive plants. She taught us the forms and showed us various invasive plants in the area. All of us loved Mel, and it is too bad we will not get to work with her again.

On Thursday the Catamount section was finished. It took us through a few timber sales, and even disappeared for a while, but in the end it was conquered. This was our last bit of field work.

In one more week the season will be over. Things are wrapping up swiftly, and a lot of skills have been learned that can be taken home. Next week will probably flash by quicker than we would wish it, so we will have to enjoy the next week with Larry and the SCA Wilderness Crew, both of whom we live alongside, as much as possible.

Hitch 6 Totals
Trails TrACS’d: 74191 ft
Additional Trails Hiked: 0 ft