Hitch 6: Engineering


Hitch leader: Tisha
Member: Sarah

Engineering Hitch 6 with myself (Sarah) and Tisha was surprising.
I had kind of braced myself for 2 weeks of difficult physical labor, and the first half we did spend clearing a forest road in Gibbonsville, removing trees and brush. However, the road crew was great to work with, it was good to learn the tools (the pole saw and brusher), and we had the variety of spending the second half of hitch helping with bridge inspections.

The Stoddard Pack Bridge Project is a very unique and interesting project that we got to see- they’re rebuilding it from the original 1930’s design mostly by hand, which involves hoisting up sections and sliding them above the water on ties.

Again, it was great to work with the engineers, learn more about the work that they do, and see more of Idaho.