Hitch 6: All Work, All Play, AllCorps!


AllCorps is an event in during which SCA crews come together to camp, intermingle, and work to complete a project. This AllCorps challenged the Jawbone/Rands crews, Wilderness crews, and WildCorps crews to construct a fence roughly a mile in length along sections of SC51 and LA2 in the Jawbone Mountain area to prevent illegal riding routes around Robber’s Roost, an important bird of prey nesting locale. It was a whirlwind of a hitch, best described in rhyme…


In the beginning when numbers were few

Jawbone and Rands crews set up camp making certain nothing were askew

It was the first day of hitch, tents were pitched; helpers found their niche

Sunlight slowly slipped and stars showily shroud the sky

Amusing adventurous *star-trippers were pacified


Two days passed during which Wilderness crews worked alongside us

Together we restored two incursions and strengthened many a callus

Preparing us for the project that was to come

Little we knew of upcoming maelstroms


We went on hiking sprees as WildCorps had arrived to share our whimsies

Through Burro Schmidt Tunnel, Boulder Springs, and the PCT we scampered, dallied

Musical instruments thickened the air; dinner was prepared with care

Food resembled what it was not: baked potatoes were sailboats; bell peppers became snowmen, lasagna disguised as fruit pies were sought


The next day the rain fell from burdened clouds of grey

Looming out of canyons relentlessly to our dismay

But holes we dug and wood we cut in the mud and muck

Determination struck our gut


A normal workday one may say

Gave way to great progress and camaraderie was displayed

Our fence was growing, showing promise, faces glowing

As we engaged in antics no sane person would know of


That night brought distraught when peace we had naught

Violent winds swept camp, ripped tents down and in sand we drowned

We battened the hatches outmatched as belongings gusts snatched 

Our valiant efforts ardent against the storm’s bitter torrent


As this was not our first rodeo none wallowed

At the scene of destruction there was no question that all must take action

We salvaged tent remnants then to work we went

Backs bent with intent on finishing what we started before we departed!


* “Star-tripping” is when one chooses a star to focus on whilst spinning in one spot for some time, then immediately afterwards looking straight into a bright headlight. Existential and/or adverse effects may occur.