Hitch 5 – Wildlife


Hitch Lead: Bri
Member: Sarah

Sarah and I were psyched to be on wildlife again and sad that this would be the finial wildlife hitch. We were in the Leadore area again doing vegetation plots. This hitch we finally got to meet our Forest Service contact, Doug. [Doug had been on vacation for the first wildlife hitch (he rode his bike across Iowa!)] Doug and Mike (our friend and employee of the forest service who we helped train on vegetation plots and who was out working with us the whole hitch) headed out to Leadore with us. Doug was great to have out in the field; he knew so much and was a willing and great teacher. Mike was also awesome to have out with us; he was a fast learner and a big help in completing the project. Mike was kind enough to give us a jar of Nutella at the end of our hitch as a thank you. Alex also came out and worked with us one day.

Wildlife once again lived up to its name as we saw both a coyote and a bear cub. Sarah and I finished up all of our work out in Leadore a couple of days early. We then headed into Salmon where we helped out at the S.O. office. We helped Liz in the BLM office prep for the Lemhi county fair where she will be doing an arts and crafts booth for the kids. We also helped weed one of the outdoor courtyards, which already looks more inviting. Sarah and I also lived up to our goal of not cooking for the entire hitch! We ate food that we had pre-made and lots of vegetables. Overall it was a great hitch – we learned a lot from Doug and saw a lot of wildlife.

Work totals:
Stand exam plots completed: 64