Hitch 5 – Wilderness Trails


Hitch Lead: Magdaline
Hitch Member: Steph H.

The Backcountry Horsemen may be one of the coolest groups of people that I have ever met. When we first got to Meyer’s Cove we were a little down about not having any volunteers, but having 6 horsemen to pack out our food into the wilderness more than made up for it. We learned some very important lessons on this hitch. The first lesson is that backpacking with tools is really hard. The second lesson is that backcountry horsemen totally know how to cook. The last lesson is that if you are going to be doing stream crossings during work you should definitely have a spare pair of shoes.

Despite sore feet and being more tired that I have ever been in my entire life, this was probably my favorite hitch so far. We got to see some amazing parts of the Frank Church, got to play with mules and horses, and had a blast making some new friends. We even managed to get a decent amount of work done and made part of the Camas Creek Trail passable. I really hope that the SCA gets an opportunity to work with the backcountry horsemen again.

Tread maintained: 5278 ft
Brushing: 29035 ft
Down trees cleared: 21