Hitch 5 ! Texas and New England


Hey everyone, this is the final hitch report for the Texas team and the summer is winding down slowly. Throughout the survey year, here in Texas, we have obtained valued skills which will plan on applying in our future endeavors.

In these last two weeks we had the chance to participate and some cool conservations projects, working with the Waco Parks and Wildlife. John Tibbs, John Provine, and Michael Baird, form Waco Parks and wildlife, were nice enough to let us tag along with them to Lake Aquilla, near Whitney Lake, and Belton Lake and assist them in planting some water willow, which helps maintain the shore line and wildlife on the lakes. It was really great working with these guys because of their willingness to answer any questions we had about the lakes and their friendliness.
After finishing up our final project with the two Johns and Michael, they were kind enough to treat us to some good ‘ole Cajun style food at a place called Razzoo’s near Killeen Texas. Everyone seemed to have enjoyed what they got, so if you’re in Killeen Razzoo’s isn’t a bad spot to stop.
It is sad to say that this is our last Hitch report, but it is nice to be able to say we enjoyed our time we spent in Texas. All of us in Texas hope that we are able to have more enjoyable adventures like the ones we here. Texas out.
-Texas Team

Goodbye, New England!

As we’re wrapping up the last couple of weeks here, we look back at
all the things we have accomplished this summer. It all began on May
21, 2012 when the various teams arrived in Seattle, Washington. After
all the SCA training, delicious home cooked meals, team-building
activities, and first aid trainings; the individual teams parted ways
after saying our bittersweet goodbyes. For us here in New England, we
not only parted ways with the new friends we made in Washington, but
also the other 2/3 of our team (including our Project Leader) who went
to Waco, Texas. After months of collecting recreational data, we have
developed many close relationships with the wonderful park rangers we
had the pleasure of working with. The park hosts were also equally
great and very welcoming; we will truly miss everyone who made us feel
like family.

In addition to the fond memories we made while working at various dam
sites, we also made more memories by going on excursions. I can
officially say I have visited and enjoyed Boston, Cape Cod, and the
lovely but chaotic New York City. The different conservation projects
we had the privilege of participating in has been both a fun and
educational experience. The opportunity to receive applicable hands-on
work experience in the environmental field, working with extremely
knowledgeable rangers, and travelling to different places has been an
honor and a blessing.

Thank you, SCA, for everything you have provided for us. This is by
far, the most memorable summer we’ve had.

Many thanks to the amazing park rangers and park hosts of the U.S.
Army Corps New England District, you have been wonderful to us!

New England will be missed, but alas, it is time we part ways and head
home. Another journey awaits…

Suradee Thongkiattikul and Mercedes Woods
New England Team, Summer 2012