Hitch 5: The SuperTeam Reunited!


A different sort of hitch, indeed. This hitch we were out in the field for only two days. The entire Jawbone/Rands crew did restoration in Jawbone. Thanks in large part to our larger than average crew of ten, we finished two of the toughest incursions we have yet to face in only two days! Half the ground there was lithified. With a total of 504.55 meters restored, 157 vertical mulch planted and 33 meters of berm, we accomplished a lot in a short amount of time. The remainder of hitch (seven days) we were house-based in order to complete our S212 Chainsaw training with the BLM firemen and their cat, Cat; restore vandalized kiosks and bollards in the Radamachers; and do garbage clean up at the local shootin’ hole. S212 went well, and we were all able to hone our skills through bollard construction. We collected 1,980 pounds of garbage from the shooting hole (that’s only 20 pounds shy of a ton!)

Despite the peculiarity and constant change of the hitch, we were able to meet our goals and have fun through the games of hackysack that punctuated our days, campfires and movies at night, and the change of pace that building bollards and doing trailwork brings.  We are getting very good at hackysack!

Our next hitch will be in Jawbone again, but instead of ten of us, we will be twenty! AllCorps will continue the theme of change and learning with fence building around Robbers Roost!