Hitch 5 part 2


SCA group 8 which composed of Mark, Eliott and myslef were able to see some of the most scenic and amazing places in the Darrington Ranger District. From White Pass,the PCT, Blue Lake, Johnson Mountain, the grueling Pilot Ridge Trail, and everywhere in between the first part of the hitch,success. Capping it off with ‘Logger Burgers’ at the Burger Barn in Darrington made it ever better.

After carpooling and dropping off a truck for the other crew we ventured on the Lost Creek Ridge Trail and had spectacular views the entire 10-mile trail. We made it down to the Whitechuck River where an old camp area for climbers of Glacier Peak was and camped at my favorite place during our summer, Sunup Lake. Also along the trail was a chance to inventory a new radio repeator and gaze upon views of Glacier Peak and Mt. Baker.
When we finished our surveys over the course of a week we went back to the Darrington Ranger Station and were surprised by George with ice cream bars for the entire crew! Definitely a successful second-to-last hitch!