Hitch 5: Four Wheel Freeride and a Frosty Wake-up


Hitch number five marks that last work week before our holiday break.

We were graced with the comforts of home for several nights because the BLM (Bureau of Land Management) spent time training us how to ride ATV’s. It was nice to gain perspective into the OHV (off-road highway vehicles) community, and feel what it’s like to operate that type of vehicle.

As for some brain activity, we discussed and created art together. Each of us designed a piece from the nature that surrounds us. These art creations were constructed to last a short amount of time and will remain in the desert until the natural elements (such as wind, rain, sun, ect.) ‘wash’ them away. Each of us did a great job. Jack also took us on an educational adventure to the Burro Schmidt tunnel which runs through the El Paso Moutains. The 2,000 foot tunnel was hand built by William Henry Schmidt in the early 1900’s. Polenta pie (pizza with a cornmeal crust) and tomato soup was a crew favorite.The box that we get each week from our CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) was filled with color!—-kobocha squash, oranges, aruglua, sweet potatoes, pears–so much deliciousness. We continuously have a nice time adventuring learning, and concocting recipes together.

The weather was chilly in the field. We woke up to frost upon the earths surface and it made me think of how comfortable we’ve all become with our surroundings. We’ve nearly made it half way through the season. At this point, we’re all cozy with one another- we’re past the careful phase and are becoming much more intertwined as a group. The desert is an interesting place. My personal skepticism for the landscape has finally escaped me. There’s something special here. The sense of freedom that a human being gains while spending time in such an open space. It’s the perfect place to learn how to balance your life–to spend time alone with our thoughts and then share yourself with others. The ecosystem is much different than what we’re all accustomed to. You’ve never turly seen the sky, in all its grace, until you’ve spent time in the desert. The way the clouds move as the sun rises over the Rand Mountains–and how the early mornings provide just enough silence and solitude to prepare for the day. And the sunset, behind the El Paso Mountains, provides a sense of gathering and celebration as the night sky begins to glitter with stars. There’s no other experience that compares to this.

The hitch ended with a sweet and savory treat- chocolate covered bacon bars!!!– and lots of music sharing for our holiday travels.

Wishing you all warmth and joy this holiday season from the Rands Crew.

Peace and Carrots,