Hitch 4: Whippin’ Out Fliff like a Sultan


Over the weekend, Adam traveled to Virginia to talk to students at his alma mater about the SCA projects he’s been involved with since graduating. Meagan and Mason travelled to Chicago for the first time and were blown away by the windy city. Rose also ended up journeying to Chi-town to visit her grandparents where she was able to see a number of sweet wetland plants. Danny avoided the city at all cost and chose, instead, to enjoy the fall foliage by hiking the Cowles Bog trail. Columbus Day provided the team with a lazy Monday to recover from their adventures and a short week planting in the field. Rose took over as hitch leader on Tuesday. Danny, Rose, and Mason bogged it up by themselves and managed to plant almost a thousand plants. On her last week of recovering from a muscle strain, Meagan finished up on light duty at the greenhouse weeding out flats and tending to the numerous growing bins at the NPS greenhouse. Wednesday our dearly missed Project leader came back to us to celebrate Natural Resources Planting Day. The team was able to work with NPS staff from all divisions of the Natural Resources Department. The total for the day ended up being a whopping 113 flats (that’s 4294 plants!!). Thursday was spent doing a number of different tasks, in the morning Adam, Danny, and Rose continued planting in Cowles Bog while Meagan and Mason stayed behind to finish cleaning out the last of the bins and organizing all the plants. In the afternoon Rose and Danny went to plant with the Bio Techs out near the raised fen while Adam brought Meagan to the doctors to finally be cleared to return to the field. Yay!