Hitch 4: Trails


Hitch lead: Matt Baba
Members: Nick Larson, Adam Martin, Ben Dunphey, Joe Duszak,

First and foremost I was very impressed with the amount of productivity that every one was able to accomplish, having completed the first section of trail and making a significant effort on the second. The work involved with this testosterone fueled hitch was much the same as the previous trails hitch regarding the work we preformed (“we pick things up and put them down”). We mostly were just quarrying rock, dirt and lumber to their previously indicated desired locations on the trail. The crew utilized a combination of picks, draw knives, buckets, ATV’s; Pulaski’s and shovels to accomplish our combined list of tasks. Though there was a mass outbreak of general hangrieness after work each day the group dynamic remained positive and productive (much whey protein, man Power drink, and melatonin was imbibed). We saw some very interesting and cool wild life amidst our journey including one large owl of unknown species and origin, who I’m quite certain was making a walk of shame(in the air). As always the ever present and ever annoying sheep made their customary appearances, culminating in a complete invasion and degradation of our illustrious work area (BBBBAAAAAA yes you are all annoying flee infested beasts). Finally our hitch was wrapped up with the cackling laughter of Nat and Nick from the kitchen as they spiced up traditional mac n cheese with bean dip, several semi hard boiled eggs, and one as yet unidentified ant. All in all I’d say a very unique and fun filled hitch. TTFN (ta ta for now).