Hitch 4: Minerals


Hitch lead: Lisa Weidemann

I left Moyer at 5:30 in order to make it to Challis by 7:00 on Monday morning. Sure enough, by 7:05 our field plan for the week was thrown out the window. Between contractors cancelling and obscenely hot weather, Amanda (my supervisor) and I have gotten pretty good at rolling with the punches and changing plans on a daily basis. We decided to suck it up and do some paperwork early in the week.

Working in the office was actually a good experience. I read through mining claim files in order to determine whether the claim was active, any reclamation bonds were posted or should be returned, and whether field visits are needed.

The rest of the week was in the field. Amanda and I were able to get 5 sites completed, including a solid mile long bushwhacking adventure up a “croad” – road that has turned into a creek over time. The croad turned into a real creek, and then I ran into my plant of the day: stinging nettle. It happens. The site had several open adits as well as some buildings and my favorite type of structure- an outhouse.

We wrapped up the week with an air conditioned ride to Moyer. Next week is break time, then back to Challis for more AML adventure!