Hitch 3: Trails


Hitch lead: Stephani Kopfman
Members: Matt Baba, Stephanie Hanshaw, Owen Donohoe, Bri Wills, Magdaline Salinas

There is something very satisfying about digging and crushing rocks
all day. Even though rock crushing is a slow process, after 6 days of
it looking back on our progress makes me feel pretty hardcore.
According to our leader, Nat’s, calculations, we moved and crushed
approximately 40,000 pounds of rock. For the first hitch working on
this particular trail I’d say we gave the next group a good start. The
meadow that we were working to protect from soil erosion was
beautiful, and the Sawtooth Mountains are a sight to see. Getting a
chance to explore the town of Stanley was a major bonus for us as
well. We worked hard all day so we could sleep through a herd of
baaing sheep at night, we broke 10-12 double jacks and spent more time
than we would have liked fixing them, we made new friends, and we are
happy to be back at Moyer for a short break. I’d say hitch 3 was a