Hitch 3 – Corridor 7, Part II


Since Hitch 2’s section of the 60-mile snowmobile trail Corridor 7 ended in a thunderstorm, Captain Price and Skipper Kayla trudged back onto the lengthy trail for Hitch 3 with about half the trail remaining. To get to their most recent spot on the trail, the heroes had to hike through heat and weeds under the path of power lines. There seemed to be the threat of a thundershower again, but it quickly passed with only a few drops as Price and Kimball ate lunch.

After lunch, the TrACS continued back under the power lines. It was interesting to hike along a wide open path, and while there was a decent view at times, it could be arduous for the heroes to see the fierce obstacles so far ahead. When Price and Kimball finished off the last of the power lines, they headed into the woods for a journey along a creek and through woods deep in the heart of the Green Mountains. Soon after meeting up with henchman Perez, they came to a glorious golden bridge. It was here they set up a base camp along a roaring stream that they spent two nights at.

On the second day, Corridor 7 took our heroes over giant culverts, upwards of 5 feet that spouted pounds of water into deep pools. The streams which passed through these culverts often left open spots in the woods with view of the towering Stratton Mountain.

July 4, Independence Day, the day that gives reason to our heroes’ work, they spent the day alongside Stratton seeking out culverts and swooping over drain dips. An owl made an unexpected appearance as it flew across the trail in front of the heroes. It was one of those picturesque moments that one can reminisce on. Up the trail a bit, a young deer was grazing in the meadow-like trail. The end of the day concluded on a lengthy part of the trail that was on a nicely kept up road. This seemed like it would be easier, but after the length day spent on the trail, the hardened road surface was harsh on the heroes’ feet.

The last day of Hitch 3, consisted of finishing off the road and heading back onto more rustic road for TrACS. Ultimately the day was cut off when signs appeared to be mislabeling the route, and the heroes were forced off the trail to seek guidance. Corridor 7 will have to wait for another hitch.

In commemoration for the recent holiday, the heroes and henchman showered and headed into town for a celebratory meal. With their bellies full and the cheeks merry, they finished off the work week and geared up for their weekend.

Hitch 3 Totals
Trails TrACS’d: 143324
Additional Trails Hiked: 37822