Hitch 3


This hitch our crew finally got to work in our namesake, the Kiavah Wilderness. We managed to clear out all the incursions in Cow Heaven canyon, and when our BLM contact Marty came to visit she was quite impressed. We had a strange first to days in the field. Our crew camped in the Jawbone Butterbrette ACEC, and as it turns out that is the place to be on the post Thanksgiving weekend. We soon became accustomed to the sounds of dirt bikes, gun shots, and even a few explosions. We were told afterword that the explosions we quite illegal. All the interesting events aside, we got a good deal accomplished this hitch. Along with the four incursions in Cow Heaven we also started work on turning a large trampled area into a legal campsite as well as closed off the attached incursion. We also worked on a larger incursion further up the canyon and walked it’s line of sight over a mountain to the next canyon where it finishes. On top of all this we found and dismantled a shooting range made of from I-beams sunk in the ground just outside of a campsite. it took us an hour to clear out the site, but it looked a whole lot more habitable afterwords. Overall the work was hard, and at times the weather wasn’t the most fun; but it’s safe to say we’re happy to in Kiavah.