Hitch 2: S. Zone Veg


Hitch lead: Sarah Stawasz
Member: Owen Donohoe

South Zone Vegetation Hitch 2, with Owen and myself (Sarah), was our second time working for the Forest Service to take sample plots of trees- including measuring tree size, number, any diseases, and recording plant species and habitat type. With only 2 instead of 4 people this time, we had to adjust the system, but it went really well, we got more plots done than expected, and finished some earlier paperwork.
There was one wildlife issue we came across- a chipmunk who pretty much owned the campground began popping up- chewing through a tent, a cookie container on the table, and two bags of peanuts in the car. The next day, after shutting the car doors, he popped up from inside the passenger side window, with me on the outside looking in, which was the funniest moment of the trip for me.
We also had a great opportunity to take a Disease and Insect Training during this hitch, which included discussion of Douglas Fir Bark Beetle and Western Spruce Budworm, two of the biggest current outbreaks.
Overall, valuable training and a great hitch.