Hitch 2: Conquering Stone Canyon (by C.B. Maddox)


At the beginning of hitch 2 the Angeles Crew picked up where it left off last time – working on Stone Canyon Trail in Big Tujunga Canyon. We spent several hot and sunny days clearing the trail to make it usable for visitors by memorial day weekend. Even with two members down, through days of sunburns and poison oak, the hard work all paid off as four new miles of trail were opened to the public on time! The crew was also fortunate enough to spend a day working at Chino Hills State Park with a wonderful group of volunteers from Union Bank. Together we worked to remove invasive species, construct drainage structures, and help beautify the new Visitor’s Center. It was an awesome chance to work with the public and the State Park employees. And we made out like bandits with a whole container of subway sandwiches and cookies left over from the event! While it may sound like the past few days were full of work, the crew has found plenty of ways to relax – from the frequent trips down the the (occasionally) cool waters of Big Tujunga Creek to eating our way through tubs of ice cream before they could melt (many thanks to Josh for his impeccable ice cream selections). The crew was glad to finish its first trail this hitch, and is looking forward to knocking out many more miles next hitch, especially with the arrival of our two new members, Jon and Charlie!